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 Kina Jin: Namekian !

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PostSubject: Kina Jin: Namekian !    Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:36 pm

* Kina-Jin, Namekian Hero ! *

Full Name: Kina-Jin / Race: Namekian
Height: 6'7 / Eye Color: Black
Skin Color: Green / Hair Color: None
Birth Age: 208 / Family: Long Descendants

* Kina-Jin's Power Level *

Kina-Jin's power level is extraordinarily high. Once angered his power level spikes up to fifty pl. It continues to rise and rise until it reaches about 200k; his maximum limit. Power comes with a price through, as he learned. If he goes over 200k his body emplodes into a dark hole, sucking everything in a mile radius in with himself, dead. His stamina is not the best, due to his high pl, but can endure a fair amount of hits.

* Kina-Jin's Transformation ! *

When Kina-Jin hits his maximum state his body begins to change into a stone cold muscle bound formation. His skin turns stone hard and becomes white. His muscle bound body grows twice as big, and forms spikes on his backs. His face begins to stern out and his voice grows deep. This is .. Omega Kina-Jin !

* Known Moves *

Eye Beam, Akumaito Kousen, Arale Kick, Iai Zari, Ikoukan o Hatsusei, Ultra Missile Punch, Energy Absorption, Ki Ai, Ki Blast, Ki Shield, Shield,
* Training lots of others and such, it will take a while to complete the whole list! *
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Kina Jin: Namekian !
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