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 Noah the human *UPDATE #1**Update #2*

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PostSubject: Noah the human *UPDATE #1**Update #2*   Sat Nov 13, 2010 8:02 pm

Habbo Name: nomannoah

IC Name: Noah

Appearance: Height(Normal form) 5'3
Height(Ultimate power up) 6'3

Average non powered up form: http://de.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2lt0wo1&s=7
when he is using his special technique to power up: http://de.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=14lua0p&s=7

Race: Human

Age: 14

Skill [i.e. flight, moves etc]: Abilities: Flight, quick punches, fast but small energy blasts, extreme rage attacks, extreme speed, power level increases at a great speed. *Update #1* Kamehameha,Noah's high speed rush, extreme power waste, Super Noah Blast, extreme power up, powered up to the max!

History: Noah came in not powerful at all, with a power level of only 1k, his limit at the time was only a bit over 3k. He met Omega and was trained, raising his power level to at least 5k, then he was later trained by Clyde as well, he was put through intense fights with fighters way beyond his level, but it has paid off, even though it is not much, his power level currently stands at 15k, his current limit to charging up to is 20k, it may not be much, but he did make quick progress. His fighting could use some work, he is still not very good with controlling big energy blasts, he mostly uses martial arts fighting styles, and only uses any kind of energy based attacks if he needs to, his training will continue and he will hopefully improve even more, he hopes to at some point to be as powerful as his human body can possibly take.

* Updated*

After more intense training situations Noah has continued raising his power level, its still no match for some of the others, but he is still improving! He has since created a few attacks of his own these would be

1. Noah's high speed rush - a quick attack of punches and kicks, finishing with hundreds of small ki blasts
2. Extreme power waste - just letting an entire field of energy and power go pouring from your body to send others flying
3. Super Noah Blast - It is a HUGE ki blast, it is a bright red color, it could destroy or paralyze ones who are around Noah's level, and could even cause some damage on those above Noah's level
4. Extreme power up - Normally when Noah is slightly struggling and needs a boost, he will use his extreme power up to bring him up to his very limit and bring extreme power to him.
5. Powered up to the max! - This is Noah's way of quickly boosting his power WAY past his regular limits, he must be EXTREMELY careful while using this technique because it could easily overpower and destroy his body, causing a very painful and horrid death.

Noah has recently raised his regular power level to about 18k, if he powers up at his normal best, he reaches about 20k, if he uses his Extreme power up his power level will reach 21k, if he uses his Powered up to the max! technique his power level will rise all the way to 24k, that of course, is why I explained his powered up to the max technique is so dangerous, 24k is a lot of power for just a 14 year old human! He continues to train, he hopes to at one point, be as strong as he possibly can!


Noah was walking through town one day, when he noticed a strange man in the sky following him around the area, Noah quickly detected him, and the strange man requested Noah spar with him. They both flew off to the wastelands had had a quick fight, Noah showed his full power to the strange man, and was using extreme attacks, the man seemed to be only on the defensive side, after the fight was complete, Noah was told that this was a test, and that the strange man he had just fought was an Android! Noah was told he scored high on a test and the android revealed that he was recruiting humans to defend the Earth from rivaling androids that were prepared to attack! Noah is now training for a fight that will test his skills, he only hopes that the android was telling the truth, and that he will be apart of an amazing fight for the Earth!

Items: The only items he posses are the clothes on his back and his amazing blade.

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Noah the human *UPDATE #1**Update #2*
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