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 How to Emote Roleplay

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PostSubject: How to Emote Roleplay   Sun Nov 14, 2010 3:00 pm

It has come to my attention that a lot of members here do not understand what Emote Roleplay is. I am posting this here for everyone to read so they can better understand what i means to Emote Roleplay.


This simply means, this is not a roleplay where you randomly attack someone because you think "i m da strunges eva". If you battle someone, you really should have their consent, and it's NOT a spam-fest. This meaning, none of this
-salms ym fifdt into head
-sl8ms hr dinto hdea

Your lines should be proper, and almost a full bar. Be descriptive with it. Nothing makes a better roleplay them descriptive lines. Which leads me to my next point..


Your combat should be done within consent of your opponent. This does not mean that you spam the hell out of them, and have your hit line immediately after. Give your opponent a chance to react. You're not going to die from one hit, so allow yourself to be hit. It makes for an exciting scene. If the person you're roleplaying with is good, you two should have an epic scene where you both batter eachother around. For example:

Dude 1: -slams my fist into the dudes head sending him across the room
-he flies across the room into the other building
-flies over and slams my foot into his stomach
-the foot slams into his stomach hard
Dude 2: *just sitting there watching, not able to respond*

Dude 1: - slams my fist into the dudes head
Dude 2: -gets slammed into my head and goes across the room
Dude 1: - flies across the room to throw a kick into his stomach
Dude 2: -grabs his foot and throws him in the air
Dude 1: -my foot gets grabbed and thrown into the air

etc etc. Be reasonable; you're not going to get every hit in.

Power Level

Since there is no proper power level system introduced, this must be used within moderation. Just because you trained for an hour doesnt mean you're suddenly a God. The point of Emote roleplay is that no character is too "overpowered". To be honest, I don't like the idea of power level in an Emote RP because it ALLOWS for "overpowered" characters, making the whole Emote RP idea null.

If you are facing against a Main Villian, and you think you are intimidated or think he is "overpowered", GOOD. That's the way it SHOULD be. Main Villians are Villians for a REASON. Because they are supposed to strike fear into their opponents hearts. Take Frieza, and Cell, and the Androids for example in the series. You think that because they were so powerful, they had an owner of a Roleplay to complain to about them being too powerful? No, they did what they had to, and eventually won the day. The point of Emote RP is to be creative and imaginative. Use your imagination. There are a million possibilities you can do.

Main Villians

These will be decided by mark626 (Skyler), or an Admin. They are to be roleplayed with moderation, due to their power being great. Take Amoeba the Changeling roleplayed by me, for example. I did not kill a single character, and my Changeling died by Aorn the Saiyan Prince in an epic beam battle, during a fight that lasted over two hours. THAT'S an example of good roleplay.


You have a brain. Use some creativity into your roleplay. Use your imagination. Sink into the depths of your inner child, like you used to, and use that. I mean, I'm 20 years old, but I still find a way to be imaginative and creative. (Not to sound like a cocky bastard or anything, I wasn't bragging). I'm just saying, there's nothing I hate more then just seeing people "Hi -randomly attacks them-". Do like you'd see in a video game, or in real life even, use that creativity; use the brain that was given to you.

That's it for now.. if there are any questions, feel free to contact me on the forum, or throw me a friend request on Habbo. My name is "Eirith-" on Habbo.

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How to Emote Roleplay
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