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 Kristof, Saiyan Elite, Aorn's Right Hand Man

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PostSubject: Kristof, Saiyan Elite, Aorn's Right Hand Man   Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:21 pm

Habbo Name: Eirith-
IC Name: Kristof

Description: Kristof adorns himself in a red-ish "royal" Saiyan armour, which was given to him when he achieved such a high rank on the Saiyan refuge planet. He has long, black hair which he ponytails, and has sideburns that go almost down to his chin. He also has a little "tuft" on his chin. Being a Saiyan, this is the max amount of hair and facial hair he can obtain, and does not grow, so getting a haircut is null.

About him: Kristof was born on Planet Vegeta. He was sent out as a child, like all the rest, to do missions for Frieza. When Planet Vegeta was destroyed, he had no idea about the origin of his family. He spent his early childhood and much of his teen years with an arrogant attitude, fighting off anyone that tried to get close to him. He had been living on the planet Yardrat, when Goku was brought there. Seeing that there was someone of a greater magnitude other them himself, and of his own blood, he grew curious if there were others. He was offered the chance to return to Earth, but refused due to his arrogant nature.

He was contacted by Torrick many years later, after training on Yardrat, of a Saiyan refuge planet. Returning with his fellow brothers and sisters, there were many conflicts over question of Royalty, higher class, many of the Saiyans used to such nonesense. Kristof was chosen as a select few Saiyans to be a "Saiyan Elite", after many trials of battle and wit to determine who was the best. He soon became Prince Aorn's right hand man, soon before Aorn took off to Earth.

Many years passed, and Kristof grew weary of the planet, after the death of Aorn's father. The squabbles of whether or not Aorn was a suitable leader left him tired and annoyed, so he took off in search of Aorn; to Planet Earth. Still with the attitude of chivalry and royalty of blood, he discovered that Prince Aorn's attitude had changed to that of an Earthling, and he has a choice; to adapt, or to return home to the petty disputes of the Saiyan arrogance.
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Kristof, Saiyan Elite, Aorn's Right Hand Man
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