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 Complaints and questions

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PostSubject: Complaints and questions   Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:39 pm

So I will start with some complaints, nothing major though, and please dont consider me a whiny little bitch

1. Some of the people in this RPG need to be set straight, I have had many encounters with people who will just ignore what I am typing and just go along and act as if I cant touch them :l

2. Some of the power levels claim to have is just stupid, I saw someone from the human race who had a power level of 1k instantly charged their power to 20k is one line :l

3. People are using WAY to many ki based attacks, I am a human and I was fighting another human, and he used like, over 10 big ki based blasts, and his power level was 1k and he did not describe powering up even slightly

Okay now here are some of my questions

1. this one is based around Kaioken, I have been told by some people that only players from the Saiyan race and Half Saiyan race are allowed to learn the Kaioken technique. I have been told by others that ALL races are allowed to learn the Kaioken technique.

2. Am I allowed to create my own special ki techniques and name them and use them in fights?

3. My current power level is a good 15k when I am not powered up, how far would I be able to raise it without godmodding during a fight?

4. Is there like, a set limit to how high the power level of somebody in the human race can have? I have been told they can be just as strong as a saiyan/half saiyan in their normal non super saiyan form.
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Complaints and questions
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