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 Iai Jaru. "You're Never Too Young To Give Up."

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PostSubject: Iai Jaru. "You're Never Too Young To Give Up."   Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:22 pm

Habbo Name: -UltimateRush

IC Name: Iai "Rei" Jaru.


False Super Saiya-Jin/SSJ1:

Once Iai Has Transformed Into a False Super Saiya-Jin, He Has Enhanced Defence & Offense.
His Ki is sometimes Much powerful, Able to Use Various Technqiues *ex: Super Kamehameha,
Ultra Hundred Crack Fist, Etc.*

Race: Half Saiyan.

Base Powerlevel: 45,000. *Due To Training* l Full Powered: 75,000.

Age: 13.

Skill(s): Hyper Speed Cannon, Power Level Concealment, Kamehameha Wave,
Destructon Disk, The Hundred Crack Fist, Spirit Ball, Hyper Tornado, Enrage,
Full Power.

History: Iai Was Born In a Prison Cell of Namek, With His Other Family Members, Jai & Dante.
" My Brothers.. We Must Leave This Horrid Area. " Iai Said Swiftly. One of Frieza's Henchmen Walked
Past, "Get Back, you Saiyan Pricks. " He Said. Iai Slowly charged a one-hand Kamehameha In His Palm.
"Iai.. what Are you doing?! " Rei Said. {The GrandFather of the Iais}." Iai Fired the Blast, Breaking the back cell.
The Jaru's Escaped The Prison, Stealing a Few Escape Pods. When They Got to Earth, Everyone Got To Earth, They Trained Hardly, Anxious to Become a Super Saiya-jin.

Items: Power Poll On Back, Pouch Of Senzu Beans.
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Iai Jaru. "You're Never Too Young To Give Up."
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