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 Bio Android. "Code Name: Android Infinity" Japanese Name:Andoroido no mugen-dai

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PostSubject: Bio Android. "Code Name: Android Infinity" Japanese Name:Andoroido no mugen-dai   Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:22 pm

https://youtu.be/UU01OIStYE4 <---- Click This For Music With Bio Theme

Quote :
Andoroido no mugen-dai
Andodoido No Mugen-Dai

Character Basic Information

l`lCharacter Name: Bio-Android Infinitel`l
l`lCharacter Name (Japanese Translation): Andoroido no mugen-dal`l
l`lCharacter Age: 10,000 Year Oldl`l
l`lCharacter Race: Bio-Androidl`l
l`lCharacter Basic PL: 2,500l`l
l`lCharacter Max PL: 5,000l`l
l`lCharacter Signature Technique: Absorption Techniquel`l
l`lCharacter Height: 7'1l`l
l`lCharacter Weight: 130lbs.l`l
Character Technique Information

After Image Technique - In this attack the user moves so fast, they leave an image of themselves behind. Thus, it looks like the user is in several places at once, or has made copies of himself/herself.

Power Lend - This technique is used to lend power to someone to make them temporarily stronger. It is used in Movie #8 when the Z Warriors lend their power to Goku, so he can defeat Broly.

Absorption - This attack allows one person to absorb another. Cell does this through his tail, and Buu through his fat. Once absorbed the powers of the one being absorbed is usually gained.
Character History Information

Little information is known about Android Infinity. He was created within the Northern Mountains long ago before the start of the dbz series. During this time, the world was attacked and exterminated by the saiyans. All information concerning Android Infinity was lost. His age, who created him, how he created him, Is he alive? The only thing left was research and pictures of the Android. The information read

Quote :

"It is almost complete. The final stages for 67126712671267126712 Code Name:Android Infinity is almost complete. I am so please that my hard-work creation is finally done. All thats left is to now install the power chip unit. That however will be difficult. I'll need the DNA from fighters all over the world. I am almost complete. It's been 60 years since this developement began and I can finally---- What this? It would seem an earth quake is happening? WHAT THE?! THOSE ARE KI BEAMS. It would seem we're being invaded. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I've been hit . . . It would seem . . . My work is coming to an end. If the future generation is reading this .. Argh, finish my work

Translation has ended

About 10,000 years had pass since that information was found. And still there was no link or sighting of the beast. Can it be that it's info was wrong and that it was actually true? Or is something far more worst then Cell about to touch the world?
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Bio Android. "Code Name: Android Infinity" Japanese Name:Andoroido no mugen-dai
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