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 Zanick, The Half Saiyan.

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PostSubject: Zanick, The Half Saiyan.   Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:15 pm

Habbo Name: Alex6443

IC Name: Zanick


Race: Half Saiyan

Age: 11

Skill: Flight, Ki Blast, Ki Sheild, Kaioken(Learn icly from King Kai), Riot Beam(A Fast charge and release of ki energy focused into a fast and deadly beam.), Cosmos(A Barrage of ki blast), Galatic Flash( A Series of Ki Beams emitted form each finger on each hand), End war( A large black ball of ki thats held above both palms. he must be in kaioken form to be able to create this large strike that can take out two city blocks.), The Rush ( Multiple Balls of Ki Extremely Power, Can Blow a Hole Through The Entire Earth if Created With Enough Force its also extremely deadly tot he user taking almsot all of their ki leaving only enough to barely even fly.), Hidden Powers( Zanick is slowly unlocking Brolys green ki, the green ki having immense power, if Zanick is pushed to acertain limit he can unleash a small amount fo this ki raising his power level drastically)

History: Zanick was born into the world with loving parents. They were sincere and kind. Hes father whom of course was a Saiyan, raised him to be extremely strong. They trained day in and day out. Zanick wouldn't stop training till` he surpassed his father. But alas he never got the chance to prove himself worthy to his father, His home was obliterated by an andriod. The andriod considered Zanick not a threat and left him alive. Being crushed and alone Zanick ran far from his home, deep within forests. Zanick soon couldn't contain his rage one fateful night, and went Ape form. He destroyed everything in his path luckily no cities were around. After his little temper tantrum Zanick passed out being tired and sad. Zanick would find a way to prove hismelf to his father by becoming the strongest Half Saiyan. Unknownly Zanick was a descendant of Broly having immense power he cannot even comprehen nor does he know about it.

Items: Senzu beans (5, Currently at 1).

Kaioken Form:

Estimated SSJ form:

Estimated SSJ2 Form :

Estimated SSJ3 form:

Estimated SSJ4 Form:

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Zanick, The Half Saiyan.
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