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 [ Ressurected: Kid Grales ]

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PostSubject: [ Ressurected: Kid Grales ]   Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:20 pm

* Kid Grales *

Full Name: Grales Junior / Birth Age: Thirteen / Hair Color: Golden Blond / Eye Color: Blue
Body Shape: Muscular Build / Personality: Changed To Down-Right Cold / Race: Saiyan

* Storyline & History *

Kid Grales was once a Saiyan Child, happy, known by everyone. Atleast till he got into some trouble. In a two verse two clash between Saiyan's, Kid Grales found himself dead in the midst of it. Someone apparently took his death hard. The second day of his death a hidden figure collected all of the dragonballs and ressurected Kid Grales ! It came at a cost .. His aura was somehow infused with his ki core, allowing him to stay in the False Super Saiyan state. Is this a gift, or a curse ?

* Power Level *

Rests at 100,000. Rises to 650,000.
When reaching Kaio-Ken X10 his Power Level then reaches to an amazing 900,000.
False Super Saiyan & Kaio-Ken X10 would cause his power level to be at most, 1,000,0000.

* Known Moves *
Super Saiyan-Jin Fusion Ability, Eye Beam, Finger Bang, Amenbono Jyutsu, Arale Kick, Energy Absorption, Energy Blast, Kame Hame Ha, Ki Ai, Ki Blast, Ki Aigan, Ki Ai Hou, Renzokou Kienzan, Spirit Bomb, Satan Punch, Kienzan, Kyodaika, Kaio-Ken X1-X10, Kienzan Kame Hame Ha ( Custom Made ).
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PostSubject: Re: [ Ressurected: Kid Grales ]   Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:01 pm

Too much power Level, Start out weak.
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PostSubject: Re: [ Ressurected: Kid Grales ]   

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[ Ressurected: Kid Grales ]
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