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 l[ Devin The Human Child ]l

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PostSubject: l[ Devin The Human Child ]l   Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:36 pm

Habbo Name: akil700

IC Name: Devin


Race: Human

Age: 5

■Double Tsuihikidan.
■Scattering Bullet.
■Homing Energy Wave.
■Destructo Disk.
■Solar Flare.
■After Image Technique.
■Ki Blast,

History [Devin was born in the Forest. He was raised there by himself and lived on playing with animals of the forest. Devin never met or knew his parents they were killed when he was born. Devin trained himself and became very srtong. When Devin turned 5 a Namekian took him in as a son and built a wooden house in the forest. THe Namekian taught Devin about Ki and how to use it. Also he taught Devin about the draginballs and what they can do.Later on that year the Namekian died . Devin was devestated and wanted his "Father" back. he devoted himself to find all the dragonballs and wish him back. Now Devin lurks around the world at a young age alone searching for all the dragonballs and to get stronger and bigger.]

Items: 1 Senzu bean

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PostSubject: Re: l[ Devin The Human Child ]l   Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:45 pm

Short and sweet, nice bio.
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l[ Devin The Human Child ]l
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