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 Azrial [The Destroyer]

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PostSubject: Azrial [The Destroyer]   Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:52 pm

The Destroyer

Habbo name: USMP2

Character name: Azrial

Character title: The Destroyer

Race: Saiyan

Planet of Origin: Torrick

Hair color: Black

Age: 32

Height: 5ft 11in

Weight: 210 lbs

Skills (click words for link to info)

Energy Wave


Muay Thai



Jeet Kune Do


Wudang Chuan

Power Level
Normal PL: 150,000

Kaio-Ken x3 PL: 250,000

Kaio-Ken x5 PL: 400,000

Family: Descendant of Broly

History: Work In Progress
Early Life
Azrial was born on Planet Torrick. Azrial was born with a power level of nearly 3,500. His father tried to raise him to be perfect, always having to train, and also studying. Although his family may have been slightly wealthy Azrial was no where near being spoiled, being given what was a necessity. From a young age his parents stop showing him affection which lead him to become cold.

Teenage Years
Azrial's life did not change much from his younger life to now, except that his training has became more intense. His father would make him study battle strategies and start to make his own. It seems that his father was trying to create a "war machine". His father would show him signs of affection no matter how hard he would try. His father informed him one day that his mother died in her sleep. This meant that although Azrial's mother may have not shown affection, she wasnt as brutal as his father. After his mother died Azrial's father began to make his training more intense as time went on. Eventually Azrial became ruthless like a soldier and showed no remorse for any pain that he would inflict upon his sparring partners. He became percise and deadly with his fighting style as time went on. Azrial now looked up to his dad as not a father, but as a leader. He would follow his orders without question, always fearing the consequence of what would happen if he did not. One day his father informed him of a plot to try and take control of Torrick and create an army of saiyans to try and enslave the galaxy. Naturally Azrial was quick to agree to help with the plan, but in the back of his mind he knew that he had to stop his father. After finally building up the nerve to go against his father he told him that he would inform everyone of his plot if he was to continue any further. So his father immediately blasted Azrial with an energy blast. Azrial tried fighting back but it was nouse, his father had five times the power he did. He just managed to escape before he was killed. He found a safe place where he could rest and passed out. He woke up from what seemed to be an hour nap but in reality it was three days. He found his way to the leader of Torrick and tried informing him of his father's plan. But the leader did not belive him, in face he thought Azrial was lying. Apparently while Azrial was recovering from his battle, his father went to the leader and lied saying that Azrial was planning the revolt. After hearing these words Azrial snapped and shit power level spiked. He fled from the area and searched for his father. He found him and asked him if what the leader said was true. His father just looked at him and began to laugh. He said that Azrial was only a tool for him to use however he pleases. Azrial finally cracked. His power level rapidly increased and he blacked out. After waking up from his blackout he stood in front of his father's corpse. Guards shortly arrived on the scene and subdued Azrial momentarily. The leader arrived and accussed Azrial of treason and murder. The guards were ordered to exterminate him. Still being enraged from his battle with his father he easily took out a few of the guards and fled the planet.