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 Noah's application

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PostSubject: Noah's application   Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:27 pm

Username: nomannoah

Real Name: Noah

Sex: male

Age: 14

Other Accounts you may use while in the rp: None

Times you useually log on/off: I normally get off school at around 2 pm, so I will normally log on and off throughout the day from 2-10 pm

Why do you want to be in the RP?: I have been using this RPG for a little bit now and I have REALLY enjoyed it, and hope to continue.

How would it bennefit the RP?: I am great with scenes, when I battle those with a lower PL then mine, or equal, even if I can easily K.O them or kill them, I tend to keep the fight going for as long as I possibly can. If I am fighting somebody above my level, I tend to be like a pest who just wont give up and continue the fight for as long as possible.

Do you desire a high power leval?: Well, I would like to get my PL as high as I can without being unfair to the other people in the RPG, its about fun for EVERYBODY.

Do you think that a high power leval is required to rp in a DBZ RP?: No, I think that in order for the RPG to be in a good balance, it should have people of all types of power levels.

What is your prefered race?: I have only used the human race, so far I am enjoying it!

What does Emote Role Play mean?:

Well I am still kind of new to this but in my opinion Emote Role Play means.........

1. Being descriptive of your actions
2. Fighting somewhat fairly to your opponent
3. Actually having a fight continue on for more then 3 minutes!
4. Letting your opponent use some attacks on you, not just spamming the hell out of your opponent!

Give an example how you would rp with someone:

Example of how I like to attack

-running at you with great speed, almost seeming to disappear!-
- as I reach you, seeming to reappear as I slow myself down-
-sending my fist forwards towards your gut with great speed-
-as my fist slams into your gut in a brutal attack-
-as you take this impact somewhat painfully-

Example of how I take impact

-as I take the impact of your blast-
-getting blown back towards the ground with that blast-
-slamming into the ground at your blast-
-as I slowly get up, trembling at the pain-

Do you currently already have a character, if so please state their race and an estimation of their PL:

I do currently have a character, he is a human, and his PL is normally at 18k, when he powers up in an intense fight, it normally goes SLIGHTLY over 20k

On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your RP?:

I would say at my best, I am about a 7, I try to being descriptive but fast, I sometimes do make typos, but this is normally only during intense fights.

On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your typing speed?:

I would rate my typing speed a good..........8, on a good day I can type at a decent speed.

How much of DBZ have you watched?:

I have watched like, half of DB
I have watched most of the important parts of DBZ
I have watched very little to none of DBGT

Why do you roleplay?:

I find its a great way to meet new people, and to sort of let my imagination out, because I do have a VERY big imagination, and with habbo RP that makes my imagination unlimited! It is also an AMAZING way to relieve stress.

Why would you roleplay in dbz?:

I will state my top reasons why I role play in this DBZ based RPG

1. I absolutely LOVE the anime, its so amazing to me, so actually being able to use all the ideas that have formed in my head from watching it? That makes this the PERFECT role playing experience for me.

2. I have tried other popular RPG rooms, I just have always felt there was something missing with all the others, and then I decided that DBZ roleplaying was the best! I mean think about it, having extreme and intense fights? Going past the regular real life limits? Its amazing!

What's the best type of scene in your opinion?:

I love a scene with an intense fight that actually lasts a long period of time, a scene in which people give it EVERYTHING they've got! I love a scene with a hero, and a ruthless cold hearted villain! I love scenes where people go to extreme tension building levels, where people use INSANE ki attacks, while also being able to fight without them! I don't much care for scenes with like, more then 2 people fighting at once, I love 1 on 1 fighting!

Do you have a myspace/facebook/social site?:

I do have a facebook account! here it is


If you arn't chosen please give a realistic example of how you will react:

Well obviously I will be a bit bummed and upset that I didn't get into something that I enjoy doing, but I absolutely will NOT BEG ANYBODY to get in if I am not chosen, because begging is for people who should have their tongues cut out.


dragored78 has seen me roleplay in this exact RPG that I am applying for, and I have known him for quite some time so he knows my manners, how I act, ect.
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Noah's application
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