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 RolePlaying Application [Bazoo90]

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PostSubject: RolePlaying Application [Bazoo90]   Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:29 pm

Username: bazoo90

Real Name: Danny

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Other Accounts you may use while in the rp: N/A

Times you useually log on/off: I have different work hours so it various I am active though.

Why do you want to be in the RP?: I wish to be in the Role play cause of the epic DBZ has always brought to my life, DBZ was the first epic show I have ever watched and ever since I have been a fan boy and love Rping it to my potential.

How would it bennefit the RP?: I do not abuse role playing in any way besides if I get cheated by the way the other person role playing Ex: Desc Rping instead of Emote. Making me a non-high problem rper. I would also emote to my full potential making everything I do fair and fun.

Do you desire a high power leval?: No but I do desire a position as a young Saiyan around the age of eight.

Do you think that a high power leval is required to rp in a DBZ RP?: No due to the fact this is a emote, I think it should work towards the hit/non hit factor in emoting higher PL users would obviously hit more.

What is your prefered race?: Saiyan.

What does Emote Role Play mean?: To me emoting means to be very descriptive and diligent in every line taking things slow instead of getting worked up and speeding threw your key board. It also means after every hit line you let the other person decide if it should hit due to the lines it took you and if the combination was truly well written Ex: Good: Doing some kind of illusion to get them off rack then sneaking a move on them [Hit]/ Bad: Just doing the move with a very bad description of it [Non-hit.]

Give an example how you would rp with someone: -Sending the KI down to my feet I start to move fast around his body starting to make a small illusion this being an after image of my body.-, -Flipping threw to behind you I would charge KI up to my head while you are still confused, a small blue beam would come from my eyes attempting to hit your head- , -But.- [When I say but I would be giving the other person a chance to say if it would hit or not.]

Do you currently already have a character, if so please state their race and an estimation of their PL: Character: Senji, Small saiyan child who has features just as Gohan does. Estimation of PL: 100k [trained very hard.]

On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your RP?:
Emoting: 8 I am very descriptive and let the other person decide on the out come of my attacks

On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your typing speed?: 8

How much of DBZ have you watched?:
Most of the Majin Buu Saga , Vegeta Saga . Frieza Saga.

Why do you roleplay?: Role playing gets my mind going and puts me into a very crated state of mind, I also role play to do things I could not do in real life making it a stress reliever and very fun! Ex: Shooting KI from my hands.

Why would you roleplay in dbz?: To be able to emote and get very creative with my role playing also to have a great time and enjoy the sceneing & fun community.

What's the best type of scene in your opinion?: The best type of scene for me would be a lengthy one with some action but also a good purpose and storyline.

Do you have a myspace/facebook/social site?: No but if truly needed I will get one.

If you arn't chosen please give a realistic example of how you will react: [Remember you said realistic.] Mourn for a while on how I did not get to be part of the epicness go out side with friends to get it off my mind and at the end of the day watch porn and think of things I can do to feed my role playing hunger.

Reffreals: Alex6443 , Peter-Adair . -Ultimate-Rush , Wireless , Joshet.
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RolePlaying Application [Bazoo90]
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