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 NW-18: Ochite

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PostSubject: NW-18: Ochite   Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:44 pm

Habbo Name: Eckz-Hail

IC Name: NW-18 (codename: Ochite)


Race: Android

Age: 38

Skill: Flight, Destructo Disk, Android Barrier, Finger Beam, Energy Mine, Energy Attack, Power Blitz, After Image, Photon Flash, Endgame, Bunshin no Jyutsu, Energy Wave (high pressure), Kaminari machibuse (a custom move where Ochite sends out multiple blasts of lightning. These hang suspended in the air until directed at an enemy)

NW-18 started life as Ochite, a warrior who had abandoned the Z-fighters long ago. However, having nobody left in his life to fight for or with, Ochite became dangerously violent and unstable. This led him to be caught by an unknown assailant, who then turned him into an Android Bodyguard.

NW-18 was a new model, built using similar components found in Androids 17 and 18. His creator, who to this day never revealed himself to NW-18, salvaged parts from Dr. Gero's lab, and later realised they were the same as those used to make 17 and 18. However, the creator realised this too late, and NW-18 did the same: he betrayed orders. Thus, NW-18, the last of the Next Warden Models, became seperated by the others. Next Wardens were supposed to be used only for defense, but Ochite, being different and free of control, became an offensive fighter.

Ochite is constantly persued by NS models, Next Seekers. These are the hunters and assassins of his creator.

Items: Full-face combat helm
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NW-18: Ochite
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