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 Kyle / Ienzu

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PostSubject: Kyle / Ienzu   Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:48 pm

User name: Ienzu

Real Name: Kyle

Sex: Male


Other Accounts you may use while in the RP: None.

Times you usually log on/off: 4:00 - 10:30 (Might log off around 6:30 if i go outside)

Why do you want to be in the RP?: Because i find it very fun and i wish to have better scenes uninterrupted when this rp becomes private.

How would it benefit the RP?: I would benefit the RP by being able to Moderate people and let people in through the main if needed. I would be able to create good scenes and story lines with the character that i have in use.

Do you desire a high power level?: No if i wanted a high power level i would gain it Icly and under supervision of others for evidence.

Do you think that a high power level is required to RP in a DBZ RP?: No because sometimes having a low PL can make for good scenes and a good story line for you character depending on what you want to do with him/her.

What is your preferred race?: I don't have a preferred race i would actually be any race that needs to be populated or a race that we need more of in the RP I'm not that picky.

What does Emote Role Play mean?: It means that instead of everyone just spamming attacks and Attacking/Hitting each other you let the other person choose whether or no they get hit by the attack or you play it out so that the attacks don't always hit.

an example how you would RP with someone:
Me: -Charging Ki down along the palms of my hands-
Me: -Sending a large Ki Beam down at you as you stand there-
Person: (Would let them choose if attack hits or not or either miss or hit myself depending on how much I've hit them already)

Do you currently already have a character, if so please state their race and an estimation of their PL: Saiyan, PL=100K

On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your RP?: About a 7.5

On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your typing speed?: About a 8.5

How much of DBZ have you watched?: I have watched a few episodes.

Why do you role-play?: Because it is better than sitting around doing nothing on habbo and because it is really fun sometimes.

Why would you role play in dbz?: Because it is a good RP and it is very well put together i also like how some of the scenes we have play out and how we could create such a good extended story line for everyone.

What's the best type of scene in your opinion?: One that can be carried on and have a good part for everyone and then end with a big bang.

Do you have a myspace/facebook/social site?: You know i do but i dun feel comfortable giving it out sorry :/

If you aren't chosen please give a realistic example of how you will react: In all honesty i would be understanding if i wasn't chosen to stay and role-play here there are some other good rps.

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Kyle / Ienzu
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