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 Jake Da 6'1

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PostSubject: Jake Da 6'1    Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:21 pm

username: WackMc

Real Name: Jake

Sex: Male

Age: 17

other accounts you may use while in the rp: RoyceDa5'9 (not my height)

times you usually log on/off: 2am Uk time and im on in the afternoon

why do you want to be in the Rp?:
cause i love roleplay, and i like Skyler (no homo)
and ive been in Dbz since it opened, or day after it did
and i like dbz.

How would it bennefit in the Rp?: good scenes, knowledge of the people

Do you desire a high power leval?:
I dont desire one too high, im happy with the one i have now
i will not go higher untill more has

Do you think that a high power leval is rrequired to rp in DBZ RP?:
high power level required to rp, no

what is your prefered race?:
most prefered is saiyan

what does emote role play mean?:
taking turns in combat to make an epic scene, taking time on typing
your rp line with no typos
and its opposite from spam

Give an example how you would rp with someone:

-i would now charge up my ki at a fast rate, keeping my attention on you-
-i now send my hands back, forming a purple ki ball as i do-
-i would charge up the ball, it would increase in size-
-then sending my hand pointing at you, firing off the beam towards your direction
-the beam would make its way towards you, it would wreck anything in its path-
-now it would crash against your body, this could send you back from your spot-
-the beam would end up burning your clothes, leaving you badly injured-

some people in rpg's dont roleplay their damage, if they do when this
rp goes private, i wouldnt have to state their status

Do you currently already have a character, if so please state their race and an estimation of their PL:
my character is a full booded saiyan called Royce Jaru, son of Alari Jaru
his power level is 100k due to fighting foes and training with his family

On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your RP?:

On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your typing speed?:

How much of DBZ have you watched?:
(not 100%)
ive watched Vegeta, Frieza, Cell and the Buu saga
and a little of when vegeta and goku fought omega

Why do you roleplay?:
i roleplay cause i find it fun, and its the best thing to do on habbo
and when you have nothing else to do
if there was a world like habbo just for roleplay, i wouldnt need consoles

Why would you roleplay in dbz?:
ive been a fan of DBZ when i was 5, and i like the whole idea of DBZ
and ive been enjoying the roleplay ive done since the rpg opened

What's the best type of scene in your opinion?:
best type of scene in my opinion would be getting to know friendly
people and also training

Do you have a myspace/facebook/social site?:
no i do not

If you arn't chosen please give a realistic example of how you will react

Sad words cannot explain my reaction!!!!!!!
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Jake Da 6'1
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