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 Eirith-'s application: Kristof the Saiyan

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PostSubject: Eirith-'s application: Kristof the Saiyan   Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:18 pm

Username: Eirith-

Real Name: Chris

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Other Accounts you may use while in the rp: Eirith, or Eirith.

Times you useually log on/off: Week days 5:00PM - 11:00PM EST , Weekends Whenever.

Why do you want to be in the RP?: Because I feel that the RPG is a great RPG, nevertheless the minor inconveniences. I enjoy RPing here, and have many great scenes. I'm sick of the usual spam-fest RPG's and one of this RPG's major qualities is that it's an Emote RP.

How would it bennefit the RP?: I would benefit because, along with my duties as an Admin, I am constantly reminding people that it's an Emote roleplay, teaching people HOW to Emote roleplay, and even writing posts on the forum about it. I also try and keep my sceneing as realistic as possible. The villians I may or may not scene as will be powerful, but I keep that power within moderation.

Do you desire a high power leval?: I do not desire a "high power level". I personally think that power levels demean the purpose of an Emote roleplay.

Do you think that a high power leval is required to rp in a DBZ RP?: No. It's nice, if you wanted to scene against a main villian, but it's not a necessity.

What is your prefered race?: Saiyan

What does Emote Role Play mean?: Refer to my "How to Emote Roleplay" post in the Bulletin Boards.

Give an example how you would rp with someone: I would be as descrptive and as imaginative as possible to my capability. I'm not one to just immediately jump out into a fight, like "OH DERS SUM1 -SPAM ATTACK-" I, personally, think that this RPG is the 'rebirth' of proper roleplay, and intend to stick with it.

Do you currently already have a character, if so please state their race and an estimation of their PL: My character is a Saiyan named Kristof, Saiyan Elite, right hand man to Prince Aorn. His power level is about 1 million due to training etc.. though I do not abuse said power (such as randomly kill kids).

On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your RP?: 9
(10 being detailed full bars, 1 being 3 word spam with typos)

On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your typing speed?: 8.5

How much of DBZ have you watched?: Everything. I am a Dragonball Guru. Ask me anything.
(Movies, DB DBZ DBGT, All episodes, only a few, Ect.)

Why do you roleplay?: I roleplay because it's a nice stray away from my every day life, where I can sit down, relax, and let my imagination flow.

Why would you roleplay in dbz?: Refer to one question above.

What's the best type of scene in your opinion?: A descriptive scene, not necessarily involving any fighting, but some sort of interaction between one or more person of equal descriptive capabilities.

Do you have a myspace/facebook/social site?: I have a Facebook.. Skyler, if you want to add me so badly, just ask.
(if so please state it's adress, this is for personal reasons, being able to get a better adaption of what type of person you are.)

If you arn't chosen please give a realistic example of how you will react: "Meh. Life goes on. Have fun at your RPG I guess." and probably take a break from Habbo, focus on my real life.

Reffreals: Force0fNemesis, Joshet, Owen-Garcia, Aricin, EskimoPenguins, Ienzu,
(Other habbos that i can ask on how well of a roleplayer you are, as well as your manners.)

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Eirith-'s application: Kristof the Saiyan
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