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 Application for DBZ roleplay

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PostSubject: Application for DBZ roleplay   Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:51 am

Username: Alex2602

Real Name: Alex

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Other Accounts I May Use While In The Rp: Just Alex2602.

Times I usually log off: I log off every fortnight, and at 8:30 australian time

Why do I want to be in the rp: I've been in this rp for a while, and I've had fun being in this rp! Its a great rp, hope I can stay.

How Would It Benefit The RP: Well, I wouldn't say it would make it better, though it will make the rp a lot different if I join, since I'm an evil saiyan.

Do I desire a high power level: I'd like about 30k-40k.

Do I think that a power level is required to rp in DBZ RP: I guess so.

What is my preferred race: Saiyan, I've been one for a while.

What does Emote Roleplay mean: Emote Roleplays are about scening, not just killing. Its about giving the person a chance to react instead of just spam killing them

An example how I would rp with someone: Me -throws a punch at him now-
Me -as i miss epicly now- Other Person -sends punches at him- Me -gets sent back by this-

This is my character:
Name: Rinyu Jan
Age: 24
Race: Saiyan
Power Level: 30,000

My rating: I would say about 6

Speed of typing: I would be 7

How many DBZ episodes I watch: I watch about 3 episodes a week

Why do I roleplay: Well, I dont really know, I just think its better than gettings girlfriends cyberly.

Why would I roleplay in DBZ: I like the rp, especially that its an emote rp. I only like scening.

What's the best type of scene in my opinion: I like it how not only your enemy gets bashed up, you do too. It makes it more epic.

Do I have a social site: Yes, I have a msn. My msn is alexstrong01@hotmail.com

How I would react if I weren't chosen: Oh come on man! Please give me a chance I love this rp!

Referrals: Mark626, Sagsie24

Thanks. Hope I get chosen.
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Application for DBZ roleplay
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