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 Bigalex6712 Application

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PostSubject: Bigalex6712 Application   Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:07 pm

Quote :

1. Habbo Account Name: bigalex6712
2. Other Habbo Accounts: KronicHero

3. Real Name: Alexander

4. Sex: Sex is good (Male)

5 Age: Sixteen

6. Time You Usually Log On: 3:30 , 4:00 , 5:00 PM

7. Why do you want to be in the rpg: It's the only dbz rpg and I find it quiet fun and it has potential.

8 How Would It Benefit The Rpg: It would make it more populated. And with a populated rpg it's a success.

9. Do You Desire A High PL: Not really. I role-play to test my skills against others. Not for PL

10. Do you think a high PL is required in the rpg: In Character Yes, but Out Of Character not really. Because you can have guys with such a high PL but can't rp for shit (sorry for language)

11.What is Your Race: Bio-Android

12.What is Emote Role-playing: Emote Role-playing in my opinion is more of a straight forward role-play, it's much more safe, and it's more fair. Emote is when you rp more realistically. Taking hits, giving hits. I don't rp Emote much but I'm really beginning to enjoy it.

13.Give an example on how you would rp someone:

Me: - I send my tails down to your body now -
Person: -Unable to defend myself-
Me: -This would suddenly miss-

Person: -I send a kamehame down to you with speed-
Me: -It slams down against me, trying my best to avoid it-

I don't spam like this. Just being straight forward.

14. State the character name & It's PL: Bio-Android Infinity PL:500k

15.Why do you roleplay?: I role-play to test my skills and fight people stronger, weaker, or equally with myself to get better. I also do it because I love it

16.Why would you rp in dbz: Heck ! It's the best dbz rpg ever !

17.On a scale of 10. Tell your rp skills: I'd say 8/10. I recently returned from a 2 month vacation so i'm detailed alot but at times i can rp like 5 lines. So .. Wouldn't say i'm perfect

18. On a scale of 10 tell your typing skills: I type crappy. I don't use my home-keys (Most of you don't) so i'd say 3/10. But I am fast, just in a crappy way.

19. How much dbz do yo u watch?: I've watched all episodes, i watch dbz kai, and i'm updated with most movies

20.Why would you role-play dbz: I like the anime and i understand the concept of role-playing it.

21.What is the best type of scene?: The best type of scene in my opinion is preparation for a fight

When you're scening with this guy and you are appearing for an epic battle. You have an epic confrontation. It gives the fighting a little more pazaa's and exciting.

22. Do you have a myspace/facebook: Not myspace but I have facebook (Alexander Moss) skype (Kronichero) yahoo (bigalex_6712@yahoo.com) and hotmail. (bigalex_6712@hotmail.com

23. If you aren't chosen. Give a reaction: I'd be pissed, but theres nothing I can do about it. I'd just join another rpg and carry on with life. :/

24. Reffrels: Kevin (spillinhaterage) Justin (forgot) Alex (alex with numbers LOL) Demarta , Khurt72 (Khurt) , Mark ( Mark might not know be good. But he knows I'm sensable.)

25. Manners: I use to be an immature prickhead. But i've grown up. And I've accept life for how it is. When you start shit with me i just ignore you. Depending on my mood I WILL SAY I might rage. But daily, i'm usually in a good mood.

Hope you like affraid

Last edited by Arekkusu on Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:09 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Cause I wanted to make it look better)
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Bigalex6712 Application
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